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Everything Everything, by Nicola Yoon

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And you guys must be sick of reviews by now, because I do have another review to do!
This book has had nothing but fantastic reviews on Booktube, and I am happy to report that I loved it!
Here is my full review for Everything Everything, by Nicola Yoon!

Everything Everything, by Nicola Yoon
Title: Everything Everything
Author: Nicola Yoon
Genre: Contemporary romance
Release date: 1st September, 2015
Pages: 306

Maddy is allergic to the world.
She hasn't left the house in seventeen years.

Olly is the boy next door.
He's determined to find a way to reach her.

Everything Everything is about
the crazy risks we take for love."

My Thoughts
What can I say about this book? It was funny, and romantic, and so goddamn amazing. It sure held a chock-a-block of stuff in it. But one word I would use to describe this book, if I only had one word is: Beautiful.
Because this book truly showed us what love actually is. That it doesn't have to be perfect, and that in the face of love, we face obstacles, but we overcome them, for that other person.
I loved this book. I think I've said that enough, but at the same time, I want to keep saying it, because I did love it.
I loved it because, this plot, from the outside, makes the characters seem kind of generic. Well, the blurb makes it seem like it's all about a romance, and the story turns out to be about a romance, yes, but that's not all it turns out to be about.

What I also liked about this book was that the issues that were introduced at the beginning, never fell by the wayside at any point throughout the book. Different issues came into play, but it all folds into this massive plot story that connects into this beautiful and funny story.

Another thing that I liked was the blurb. It was vague, but it was blunt and intense. It said 'this is fact. Believe it.' And it made the book sound simple, yet interesting.

Now, the characters. I liked that they were completely different, but they were realistic. Maddy was strong, stronger than she was led to be by her mother, and she was hopeful, still able to remain positive even after being trapped in the same house for seventeen years. I think I'd have gone mad had I gone through that. There was Olly, boundless, free-er than air, and he was exactly what Maddy needed. Funny and smart, too smart, I think (sometimes) but that was just part of his charm. He was... a protector, for Maddy at least. And then there was Maddy's mum. The woman who had lost both her husband and her son in a horrific car accident when Maddy was just five months old. She thinks her main role is to keep Maddy, her only remaining family member safe.

Throughout this book, we get to see Maddy grow from this, oh well I'm never leaving this room attitude, to her discovering the world for herself through her little window. And Olly is such a big part of that. He tries to protect her, but in a very different way to her mum. He challenges her, in his adorably caring and loyal way, supporting her each step. And inevitably, they fall in love with each-other.
The conflict between Olly and her mother added an interesting side to this book, let me tell you. Because her mum isn't as blind as Maddy thinks she is to the chemistry that Olly and Maddy share.

But the love that Olly and Maddy share is so pure, but also so heart-warming and cute, that you almost start to love the relationship between them, as well as the characters themselves for finally taking that amazing and wonderful step.

There was also Maddy's nurse Carla, who is the only person that sees Maddy aside from her mum. She is more than a nurse to Maddy, more like a friend. And because you see how close the two of them are from the start of the book, you don't blame her, when she lets Maddy see Olly, perhaps more than she should. She was also a big part of Maddy's journey throughout the book, and her character was caring and considerate, and she was the random voice of reason in the back of Maddy's head. I loved her characters purely for that reason.

Now, the plot. The emotions that I felt when I was reading this story went like this. Despair, yet still hopeful; then curious, as new characters were introduced, finding out more about them; more hope; then horror and excitement (read the book, and you'll know what part I'm talking about: there's a confrontation, that's a clue); happiness, more happiness, then dread (a lot bigger than before because Maddy...) then a whole lot of SHOCK.
This story is a rollercoaster. It goes from completely innocent, to shock horror, hurt in about the space of a chapter. I loved and hated every second of it, because it hurt the characters I'd come to love so completely.
All in the space of 306 pages.

So overall, I don't know how Nicola Yoon does it. She captures the innocent, the awkwardness, the funny times, passionate times, and the shock and horror when something happens. And she creates the attachment to the characters so quickly, yet it doesn't read like it was rushed at all.

So do I recommend it? Of course. Anyone who thinks they will like any inkling or subject in this book, I urge you to pick it up. I promise, you will not forget it.

So that was my review of Everything Everything, by Nicola Yoon! I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you all on Monday!
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