Friday, 23 March 2018

P.S I Still Love You (To All the Boys I've Loved Before #2), by Jenny Han

Hey guys, this is Abi here, 
And it's time for my second review this week, the second book in the Lara Jean trilogy!

Title: P.S. I Still Love You 
Author: Jenny Han
Genre: Contemporary romance
Release date: 26th May, 2015
Status: Book 2 in a trilogy 
Blurb: "Lara Jean didn't expect to really fall in love for Peter. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Introducing... Tiny Pretty Things, by Sona Charaipotra

Hey guys, this is Abi here, 
And I haven't done one of these for a couple of months. 
And I stuck for ideas. 
And I sort of didn't to post a full week of reviews. 
So here's my introduction to a book that I will pick up if not this month, but next month for sure. 

Tiny Pretty Things
"Black swan meets Pretty Little Liars in this soapy, drama-packed 
novel featuring diverse characters who will do anything to be 
the prima at their elite ballet school. 

Gigi, Bette and June, three top students at an exclusive 
Manhatten ballet school, have seen their fair share of drama. 
Free spirited new girl Gigi just wants to dance- but the very act 
might kill her. Privileged New Yorker Bette's desire to escape the 
shadow of her ballet-star sister brings out a dangerous edge in
her. And perfectionist June needs to land a lead role this year or 
her controlling mother will put an end to her dancing dreams 

When every dancer is both friend and foe, the girls will sacrifice, 
manipulate, and backstab to be the best of the best."  

What appeals to me about this book is:

It has dance in it.
I mean, I'm not a dancer. I dabble when I'm in a show, like Hairspray for example, (I'm playing Prudy Pingleton in Hairspray (amateur) in Hairspray and I am loving this character) where a bit of dancing is required.

But I can't do contemporary and ballet, which is why I love reading books with ballet in them, which doesn't happen a whole lot, which is why I'm looking forward to pick this duology up. 
Ballet is so technical and you have to be so passionate and have it be your life to take it as far as these girls have done, and I'm looking forward to reading and deciding how authentic this book is. 

The diversity. 
Diversity is something that readers are hoping to read about more and more within the book community nowadays, and I am certainly among them.
And although ballet is an art that there's a particular body type that ballet companies like to see (I'm not saying that you can't do ballet if your a different body type, just that's what is particular about ballet) I like that there's diversity within the book.

It sounds dark and twisted. 
From what I know about this book is it includes addiction, whether that's to ballet, or something else, I don't know. I mean, the final sentence on the blurb sends shivers down my spine.
And books that are dark and twisted I tend to enjoy the most.

So that is my introduction to the Tiny Pretty Things duology!
I hope you enjoyed it! I haven't seen people talking about this one a whole lot on Booktube, but it's everywhere on Bookstagram, and I can't wait to pick it up.
And if this sounds like the sort of thing you might be interested in, then let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear what you thought of it, or if you want to pick it up!

So that is all I have for today!
I will see you all on Friday, when I will be posting my next review!

-Abi xxxxxx

Monday, 19 March 2018

To All The Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before #1), BY Jenny Han

Hey guys, this is Abi here, 
And there's no shying away anymore!
I have to continue with all the reviews I have yet to post! 
Up next, To All The Boys I've Loved Before!

Title: To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Author: Jenny Han
Genre: Contemporary & Romance
Release date: 15th April, 2014
Status: Book 1 in a trilogy
Pages: 420
Blurb: "What if all the crushes you ever had found out 
how you felt about them... all at once?

Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean song keeps her love 
letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. They 
aren't love letters that anyone else wrote for 
her; these are the ones she's written. One for every 
boy she's ever loved- five in all. When she 
writes, she pours out her heart and soul and
says all the things she would never say in real 
life, because her letters are for her eyes only. 
Until the day her secret letters are mailed, and 
suddenly, Lara Jean's love life goes from 
imaginary to out of control." 

My Thoughts
This could quite possibly, be one of the cutest books that I've ever read. It just reads with such humour, such cuteness that it felt like a dream. (If that's not too cheesy, though I feel like it is.) It has a clear plot, with the letters being mailed out, and all the guys coming up to Lara Jean, who I absolutely loved as a character, as well as the two other Song sisters, and I loved all the cute and funny and not cheesy moments throughout the book.
I am so glad that I decided to pick this book up ahead of schedule.
The thing with To All the Boys I Loved Before, was that I could not put it down once I picked it up. It was one of those books where I lost track of the pages, it was such a good read, and that doesn't happen often.

Now, a bit about the premise. This is the story of Lara Jean and every time she has a crush on a boy, she writes a letter to that boy- and she doesn't half heart it- she puts everything, all her feelings, her thoughts about the boy that she's ever thought. She doesn't mail it, but when she's done, she puts it in a hatbox and keeps it. It's not specifically to the boy, but it's a way of clarifying her feelings, of moving on. And then one day, they're all mailed out.
Major disaster. This book is about Lara Jean dealing with the repercussions of the letters being mailed out. And a big part of what I like about this book is how relatable her reactions are to what I would do. Like I feel like I would react in exactly the same way.

Also, another big part about what I liked about the book was how much Lara Jean's confidence grew within the book, but that her personality didn't change. That is one thing that I really don't see that often, even in contemporaries. But her personality didn't change once throughout the book, except for the fact that she stopped doubting herself and started to see the value in herself, and a large part of that was Peter.

Peter was a character that I wasn't ultimately sure about when he was introduced. But in less than a conversation, my opinion had changed so much it surprised even me.
But he's such a sweetheart, I love him so much. He has a special place in my heart at the moment.

I loved the other characters too, but Kitty and Margot and their Dad in particular. It's so rare to see a family that loves and cherishes each-other as much as this family does. They all try their hardest to make their little but compact family work that you can just tell that they love each-other to their heart's content and that's just something I rarely get to see.

Also, (there's a lot of things I loved about this book) all the baking sounded so delicious. It made me hungry every time I read about the food.

On the other hand, there actually wasn't that much that I disliked about this book. The only critique I have is that it all seems a bit young, the way everything was described was a bit young. But I soon got used to that and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Overall, this is an astounding amazing read and at this point I am loving it all. (Including the second book, which I have already read- review coming soon. And it won't take another week, I promise!)
Recommend this to people that want a YA pick me up!

So that is all I have!
I will be back on Wednesday with some kind of post.
I hope you have a lovely day and I will see you then.

-Abi xxxxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

I Love Spring Book Tag

Hey guys, this is Abi here, 
And it's time  for my monthly book tag!
As Spring is finally here, I thought it fitting to post a tag about spring! 

1. How is spring where you live?
Well at the moment, it's uncharacteristically warm and bright in the UK, but my prediction is that once April Showers hits, there won't be much sun from around that point. I'm cherishing the sunlight at the moment, because I know it won't last. 

2. Most anticipated book this spring?
I think I'm going to go with this one. I need the Hardcover copy because that's what I have for Caraval, but that's not even why its my most anticipated spring release. The first book in the trilogy was so dark and mysterious and I can't wait to see what Stephanie Garber has done with book two!

3. What book cover makes you think of spring?
I actually struggled with this question quite a lot. I was scrolling through my Goodreads, looking at books that I've read. Then I saw this and I was just like "Yeah!". Because the cover kind of makes me think of hope, the serene blue background, the flower, and the bright pastel colours. I know that the themes within this book bears no resemblance to peace and hope, but that's what I interpret from the cover. 

4. Where are you going to read this spring?
In my usual places? On the college bus, and during lunch at the Nursery?
I don't know, maybe if it's warm, and there's a barbecue at my Nan's house or something, maybe then I'll read outside. But besides that, I highly doubt that I'll venture outside to read.

5. Find a cover with the sun on it!
There's the sun at the top, and it's shimmering on to the water. It's a beautiful cover and I as much as it seems like it's a cool contemporary, it's NOT. It's nowhere near. And I'm so glad that it isn't! Nothing more than that; if you haven't read it, go and read it. 

6. What are your favourite spring reads?
Although this isn't a terribly drastic change, I do tend to read more contemporaries in the spring and summer seasons, more so than I would in the autumn and winter months. Saying that, if there's a fantasy or a sci-fi YA read that I'm particularly excited about, I'll pick those up too. 

7. Find a book with a ton of different colours on it. 
Something about this just screams colourful to me. The opposing components of colour within the circle, that glint of shine on top, and the section of shadow. It perfectly symbolises what the book is about, and it draws you in with the different colours. 

Elin @Book Owlie

So that's going to do it today! I hope you enjoyed the tag, and let me know any answers to any questions on here in the comments! 
I hope you have a lovely day and I will see you all on Friday!

-Abi xxxx

Friday, 9 March 2018

Stealing Snow (Stealing Snow #1), by Danielle Paige

Hey guys, this is Abi here, 
And because of my huge funk away from posting last month I realised that I am a million book reviews behind schedule! 
So, this is the start to the steady climb back up to the top, when it comes to reviews! 
The first one is Stealing Snow, so enjoy! 

Title: Stealing Snow
Author: Danielle Paige
Genre: Fantasy 
Release date: 20th September, 2016
Status: Book 1 in the Stealing Snow trilogy 

My Thoughts
Before I read this all the way through, I had previously tried maybe a year ago, and never got past like 70 pages or so. I thought the book was hard to get into, it put me off the idea of picking up another Danielle Paige book ever again. 
But, spurred on by the challenge I had set myself, to read every single book that I hadn't get finished, I cautiously picked it up again. 
And for some reason, I didn't hate it. Maybe it was that my reading taste might have changed over the past year, or maybe it was because I was in the mood for a fairy-tale retelling that didn't take itself too seriously, I don't know. But it was exactly what I needed at the time. 

Saying that, it wasn't the perfect fairytale retelling. There were certainly some issues that I had with this book, though we'll get to that later. 

At the start of the book, Snow is a patient in a mental hospital, after walking into a mirror when she was six. She has dreams that of a mysterious tree that she's never seen, so she thinks that she's crazy. She also has a relationship/friendship with Bane, a fellow patient with a fascination for fire. 
A random visit from a stranger who tells her to meet him at the Tree, and Bane is dragged through a mirror, not to be seen again, and Snow makes her escape to search for Bane. 

When she arrives at the Tree, Snow discovers there is not one but two prophesies that claim that she is the princess of Algid, which is the kingdom, and that she will either end the destruction of Tyrannic father, or that she will aid him in his evil ruling. 
That's where the story starts. Over the course of the next 250 pages, she will explore the rest of the kingdom, find out more about her heritage, and there are some pretty interesting fight scenes too as Snow tries to take control of her power. (She can control snow and ice)

When it comes to Snow, I didn't particularly dislike her, but she just seemed generic to me. She was kind of like every female heroin to me. She was unwavering in her search for Bane, which proved that she was loyal, and that's no small feat when being told she will either aid or go up against the King in less than a month, and learning to gain control over her powers all at once. 
We got introduced to a bunch of interesting characters throughout the course of the book, and the most interesting in my opinion was the band of thieves that can communicate telepathically. I very much enjoyed meeting them. 

Which brings me to something I wasn't so fond of. The love square. That's right, SQUARE! There were three love interests throughout the book, and they all seemed sort of disconnected from each-other. I just feel like they could have been better. 

An ongoing part of the book that I enjoyed has to be Snow's training of her constantly emerging powers. She was pushed off a mountain, and almost drowned so she could learn to master her powers better. It was certainly a test of power and put her under pressure. It was kind of random the way they went about it but it was a part I enjoyed all the same. 

One little critique I have is that the story seemed to jump from one point to another super quickly. It was almost fast paced, then it was resolved, and then it was like, "Okay, on to the next part." And everything that had happened previously was forgotten. There was no learning character for Snow, except for the progression of the powers.

Overall, it was an enjoyable read. It had it's flaws, which I said at the beginning, but the good outweighed the good (even if it may not seem like that from my review.)
The ending was one to remember, so I will definitely be picking up the sequel when it comes out in 2019.
I would recommend this for readers that enjoy fairytale retellings, and are looking for something that they'll be able to fly through.

So that is all I have for you all today! I hope you enjoyed my review and don't hesitate to comment what you thought about the book yourselves! It was certainly an interesting read for me and I'm wondering if you thought the same!
I will be back on Monday, I hope you enjoy the weekend, and I'll see you then.

-Abi xxxxx

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

1-10 Books of 2018

Hey guys, this is Abi here, 
And I've finally reached 10 books this year! I'm 1/6 of my way to completing my Goodreads goal, and even though that doesn't seem like much, I'm right on schedule apparently! 
Here are the books I've read so far this year!

I have a review linked up at the title if you want to check out my more in-depth thoughts on this book but if you can get past the info-dumping at the start, you become invested in this book not long after. I can also excuse the info-dumping because it's relevant to the story, and necessary so you fully grasp the world and the plot that you are reading about. But if you are a fan of sci-fi this is a must read. Each ending to each chapter left me wanting more and I couldn't stop reading! A must read for sci-fi junkees!

This review is from a couple of years back, (linked in the title), but all the thoughts are still relevant to what I thought when I was re-reading this, after my mind was blown by the ending of Mortal Coil. I needed time to process what I was reading with This Mortal Coil, and this was the perfect read for that. If you haven't read it yet, pick it up if you're in the mind for a contemporary that includes LGBT issues, being true to yourself, mental health issues, Alzheimer's, in a real and truthful way, then pick this up, because let's face it, I talk about this book often enough.

Yet another book that expresses my full thoughts in a review. Though unlike the others, I am unable to tell you my overall thoughts with this book, because it's everything. The writing, flawless. The characters, flawless. Perfection, and I can't wait for the second and final book,  in this duology (Muse of Nightmares) to be released on 2nd October. That isn't even the full extent of how much I am anticipating this book, but that's all I can say. 

4. The Diary of Anne Frank
I literally can't fault this. It was real life, this physically happened. So hard-hitting, when I was reading it, I'd be reading it, and then you realise that it was real life, and it just hits you that much harder, the hardships that they all went through, every single one of them. I feel like this should be a book that everybody should experience at some time in their life. 

This was the book that above all, surprised me the most for the books that I read in January. I flew through it in a couple of days and frankly, the third and final book in the trilogy can't come fast enough. I don't have to wait too long though, because Nightblood is released on 5th June. In truth, I honestly think that Fireblood was better than the first, which is hard to top, because Frostblood was a pretty amazing book. The story starts with Ruby and Arceus, ruling the Frostblood kingdom, although the Frost Court don't approve of Ruby. The Minax is creating havoc elsewhere, possessing and killing. Ruby believes the only way to stop the Minax is to catch an opposing Minax- and so she begins her journey to the Fireblood kingdom and our story begins. 

6. My Husband's Son, by Deborah O' Connor
This was a quick read. Not particularly rememberable, though I wasn't expecting the ending. Some of it. The rest I saw a mile coming. Similar to Baby Doll, by Hollie Overton. So, if you enjoyed Baby Doll, I recommend picking this one up too. I just feel like I could have gotten more from this book, but it was still enjoyable.

7. Stealing Snow (Stealing Snow #1), by Danielle Paige
Although it doesn't come as a surprise, considering my blogging funk last month, but I can't believe I don't have a review for this yet! There's one coming this month, I promise! To be honest, I was sort of hesitant coming into this, because I'd tried it before and I didn't like it at all! But second time round, with lower expectations, I was surprised to discover I actually enjoyed this! Although it wasn't perfect, it was a decent read and I'm looking forward to next year, when the sequel comes out!

8. All the Boys I've Loved Before (All the Boys I've Loved Before #1), by Jenny Han
My god, the favourite of February for sure! I read this in less than 24 hours, I'm about to start the sequel but I've got high expectations because this one was so amazing. If you haven't picked this up, what are you doing? It's so cute, so funny, it's family orientated, and it's a contender for not just one of my favourites, but my top five list. I actually can't believe how long I waited until I picked this up. But I have now, and I can't wait for the second.

9. Handle with Care, by Jodi Picoult
This was a surprisingly easy book to fly through. I mean, I didn't read it any quicker than I would any other book, but since it's 500+ pages, I figured that was pretty good! It shared some similarities to My Sister's Keeper, but the case was different, and it was something I was interested in, for some odd reason. So overall, it was a book I enjoyed, though it's not one of my favourites. I recommend this for people who enjoy books that bring court cases and medical ideology within the book.

10. Contagion (Dark Matter #1), by Teri Terry
This was a re-read, to recap on what I'd read before I picked Contagion, which I have just recently finished a few hours back. Contagion is the start of a trilogy, and it's a sci-fi book, but it reads like a bit of a Dystopian. It's a story about an epidemic that is spreading throughout the country, killing 95% of the population. Nobody is safe, but Shay and Kai are searching for Callie, Kai's little sister. My brain is in knots from the second book's ending, but I highly recommend this to any reader, really because Teri Terry is one of my absolute favourite authors!

So those are the first 10 books that I've read in 2018! Hopefully I'll be able to read more amazing books like these in the future!

So that is all I have for you guys today!
I hope you have a good book to read, because I am all set with P.S. I Still Love You!

I will see you all on Friday, with my Greatest Showman Film Review!

-Abi xxxxx


Friday, 2 March 2018

March TBR (2018)

Hey guys, this is Abi here,
And it's a new month! Great way to start spring- with a heap of snow in my town!
But with a new month comes a new TBR- and I can't wait to get to this one!

1. Deception (Dark Matter #2), by Teri Terry
I am currently about 100 pages into this book at present, and although it's a slow going, something about this book is super intriguing. I'm worried because it's the second book in the trilogy, and often the second book in the trilogy is not up to the standard of the first. I can't give much away about the plot because it is the second book, but it's basically a search for the truth of what started an epidemic that has wiped out 95% of the population. The survivors are hunted, believed to have the powers to control the population. The first book was fast paced and gripping and I can't wait to see what the next one has to bring!

2. P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I've Loved Before #2), by Jenny Han
I read the first book about midway through February, and I'm eager to pick up the next. I've heard somewhat mixed reviews of this one, that it's not up to the hype of the first one, but I'm excited to pick this up all the same. I don't know as much about this one as I did the first, but I'm holding back the urge to pick this book up right this second because I have to read something else first! Fingers crossed I don't give in! Wish me luck!

3. The Hazel Wood (The Hazel Wood #1), by Melissa Albert
I know precisely zilch about this book, but it was on for a deal in the Tesco near my college, and this has gotten so much hype and so many fantastic reviews, and I was intrigued. It's the second shortest read in my TBR this month and I'm hoping that I'll be able to fly through it. From what I know of the genre, it's meant to be fantasy, and It's been a while since I've read a fantasy, so I'm looking forward to picking it up.

4. Love, Simon by Becky Albertralli
First things first: this is the same story as "Simon vs the Homosapien's Agenda". It just has a different title and cover. And do I wish I had the original design? Definitely. But I saw this book (this was the other for the deal in Tesco, by the way) and I want to read it. And so, I got the book with the other title and the new cover. Okay, now that's over. I can't to read this. I will for sure be going to see the film and I will also definitely be reviewing it! The book however, I know like nothing about. I know it's meant to be light-hearted and adorable, and I'm pretty fine with just knowing that to be honest.

5. This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1), by V.E Schwab
6. Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity #2), by V.E Schwab

Finally, I have this duology on my TBR! I don't know what it is, but something about this duology just keeps making me think about it! There's a select group of trilogies and series' and duologies that I cannot get out of my brain. Series' like this one, the Nevenight trilogy, or the Shiny Pretty Things duology. This is one of them! And I can't wait to pick them up and just marathon straight through them.

So that is my March TBR (2018)! I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what books you'll be reading this month!
So that is all I have for you guys this month! I will see you all on Monday with my Greatest Showman film review, so look out for that!
I will see you then, goodbye!

-Abi xxxxxx